Monday, September 21, 2009

Rembrandt's Self Portrait

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This self portrait painted by Rembrandt in 1659 is one of many he painted through his life. But what about this specific painting is so special to me? Rembrandt has a unique way of painting. His strokes are very apparent and his hands are implied and yet, the painting evokes such truth. when you look into the eyes of Rembrandt in this painting, he looks like he is stareing right back at you. His gaze is intense, and it hooks you in. When you look at the way rembrandt paints his face, he leaves visible strokes that from close up seems almost sloppy, but when you step back, the strokes create perfection. The strokes also show age in the face. His technique of painting the shine on the cord on his hat seem so simple, but really captures the light. He seems to accentuate the face and use the most detail around it. With all of these interesting techniques I find that Rembrandt is one of the best artists that has ever lived.

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  1. Great internal and external information. It’s concise – and solid. I believe you know what you are talking about and great reference about how the form (the paint line quality - enhances the concepts. Some spelling and grammar issues to fix though, only a few – but in an article this small – it needs to be correct.